Swimming pool prices compared by make, model and style - Concrete, Vinyl & Fiberglass

Pool Prices

If you are thinking of building a new swimming pool and are looking for information to help you choose the best pool option - you have found the right website. Specific pricing information on new concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.

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Vinyl Pool Prices

new vinyl swimming pool

Vinyl liner pools are the most common swimming pools in North America because of the reliable design, affordable cost and swimming quality. The design has performed well for decades in North America and vinyl liner pools are well suited to installations in cold climate locations and areas where high water tables are present.

A vinyl liner pool built 30 years ago versus one that is built today is very similar in integral construction. Still galvanized steel wall panels and mortar or grout floors are the most commonly installed despite composite walls and vermiculite floors having specific advantages over these. These swimming pools are highly serviceable and tend to last for 30-50 years with maintenance and repairs along the way.

Considered to be an entry level in ground swimming pool option, vinyl liner pools built these days can take on the appearance of a much more luxurious pool by adding upgrade options such as encapsulated coping, concrete or stone coping, safety covers, waterfalls, in wall and LED lighting and much more. Anyone considering a fiberglass or a concrete swimming pool should seriously consider going with a vinyl liner pool that has all the bells and whistles instead.

A concrete pool can start at $20,000 more than a similar vinyl pool installation. This amount will go up dramatically with any further upgrades from the base model. This additional money could go a long way towards enhancing a vinyl liner pool with luxury upgrades... More about Vinyl Pool Prices

Concrete Pool Prices

new concrete swimming pool

Concrete swimming pools are also known as gunite swimming pools. The difference refers to the chosen construction method but ultimately both are classified as a concrete swimming pool. Less common in your average new subdivision, concrete swimming pools are found in larger and more extravagant residential settings.

The main advantage that is apparent when shopping for a concrete pool is design limitations or lack thereof. Essentially a concrete pool can be built to any size, shape or depth with the only limitations being the budget as well as the skill and size of the installation crew. The method of construction of this type of swimming pool has changed significantly over the past few decades with the most notable changes being to the thickness, shape and strength of the concrete shell as well as the structural steel grid requirements.

A concrete swimming pool is highly serviceable and can last greater than 50 years with proper maintenance and repairs. The biggest concern with a concrete pool is a structural failing or crack through the pool shell or elevated hydrostatic pressure lifting the pool shell out of the ground. Both of these situations are highly unlikely with proper installation and only moderately possible with improper installation.

If you desire quality and have a vision for your backyard, and most importantly do not have a tight budget, a concrete pool is likely what you are looking for... More about Concrete Pool Prices

Fiberglass Pool Prices

new fiberglass swimming pool

Fiberglass swimming pools are the least common inground swimming pool style in North America. That being said fiberglass pools are the fastest growing swimming pool installation industry.

If you are considering to buy and install a new fiberglass pool in your backyard there is much more to consider than simply the pool price - you need to consider the risks and benefits of this unique style of pool installation. There is a specific demographic of people who are most commonly choosing fiberglass as their swimming pool option and you need to know why before making your pool purchase.

The origins of fiberglass pools are actually from a warmer climate than North America and some of the main concerns about fiberglass pools relates to the potential longevity and weathering issues. Also of concern is the potential for servicing issues. The one piece construction and installation of fiberglass pools is both the biggest advantage and biggest disadvantage.

The installation time required for a fiberglass pool is dramatically less than other pool options however when or if something goes wrong with the pool shell or installation, you basically need to install the pool completely again... More about Fiberglass Pool Prices